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A Kids Place Dentistry for Children

Original post date: 08/11/2013

Dr. Keith McDonald has arrived in West Seattle!



With a thriving office in the Renton Highlands and a well-known reputation with local families for the BEST dentist appointment ever, we are thrilled that Dr. McDonald has opened A Kids Place Dentistry for Children right here in West Seattle. Dr. McDonald’s office is located in the North Admiral district (just a few doors North of Lafayette school on California Ave SW). The space is shared with their new partners, Sound Orthodontics.

Step into the office and you will immediately notice the energy and playfulness. It feels like a carnival is just about to pop out and make your day brighter.


Dr. Keith McDonald is very involved in our community, loves dogs, and paints.

By combining excellent dental care with a little fun mixed in for the kids, Dr. McDonald and his associate, Dr. Marisa, make up a one of a kind experience for families. Going to the dentist is not a fun way to spend your day….or maybe it is? A Kids Place Dentistry has redefined the dentist experience. Your child will enjoy a visit to the dentist; maybe even look forward to it. It’s possible at A Kids Place!

One of my favorite things about A Kids Place is the amazing office staff. Friendly and organized, you’ll be pleased with the ENTIRE experience – scheduling appointments and checking in is a breeze. Top notch customer service all the way!

Dr. McDonald and Dr. Marisa have a caring approach and the kiddos respond. No struggles here to brush teeth! The kids really tune in and follow their instructions.


Dr Marisa Reichmuth loves the outdoors and often sings and tells stories to her young patients.

We can’t say enough good things about Dr. McDonald and his team! Book an appointment and see for yourself. We guarantee a wonderful experience for your family.

A Kid's Place

A Kids Place Dentistry is at 2617 California SW, 206-933-5437, info@akidsplacetoo.com. You can request an appointment online via the A Kids Place Dentistry website, akidsplacedentistry.com.

West Seattle Business Spotlight: Christine Deppe, West Seattle Office Junction

Original post date: 10/22/2013


Christine Deppe, is one of West Seattle’s amazing business owners. Christine and her partner Stefan own West Seattle Office Junction, West Seattle’s 1st coworking space!

officejunctionWe know first hand that Christine is a pioneer in entrepreneurial support and networking. She has a passion for helping business owners connect and help each other.

West Seattle Office Junction offers many opportunities to stop by and give coworking a try. This is a great way to work!

We were able to catch up with Christine for a few minutes and ask her a few questions:

How long have you lived in West Seattle?

We moved to West Seattle in winter 2006. We looked around Seattle and picked West Seattle as the best neighborhood to start a family.

What do you like about West Seattle and the community?

We felt really welcomed right away, especially after meeting all the other first time moms in my PEPS group. We made more friends at co-op, school, playgrounds, the YMCA, soccer and at summer camps. We always run into someone we know, especially on Alki, while grocery shopping or at the many family events happening all over West Seattle. I was very happy to lead a PEPS group last year and help out other new moms.

What inspired you to start WS Office Junction?

In 2012 I tried to restart my career after being home with the kids for years but had a really hard time working from home by myself. My work day felt lonely and unproductive. No one seemed to care what I did all day and I missed social interaction with adults. I needed someone to bounce ideas, to celebrate little achievements, someone have lunch with. I was so desperate I almost took a job just to have colleagues again, but I knew I really wanted to work on my own schedule. What to do? I did some research and came across ‘Coworking’.

Tell us about Office Junction and your customers?

I started looking for potential coworkers for a Coworking space in West Seattle. I met my business partner Stefan and together we organized meetups at a local coffee shop to build our work community. In April 2013 we opened our doors to our own space. We offer 15 desks on three floors, share a meeting room, kitchen, Wi-Fi, free coffee/tea, member events, amazing views from our roof deck and have lunch together – all in a central location on California Ave. Our members are 2/3 women, most of us moms, working for 1-2 days per week at the Office Junction, some are freelancers, creative, business professionals, home office workers, some start a business, some just work away on their projects.

How do you balance your work with your family and kids?

It takes a lot of juggling. Family comes first. I carefully plan my work hours around my family’s schedule. I am passionate about self care and make sure I get some ‘Me Time’ every week. If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy

Where do you want your business to be in a year?

I would love to see even more people enjoy our great space.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I like going for walks with friends at Lincoln Park, playing in the sand with my kids on Alki and reading in my hammock on the balcony.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know about you?

I am really grateful for the great support of the West Seattle community. Office Junction is a community project and I enjoy every minute I can watch people connect with each other in a natural, unforced way.

Please show your West Seattle support and stop by and see Christine at the West Seattle Office Junction, right across from Rite Aid on California Ave SW. Enjoy a tour or free trial day!

West Seattle Office Junction
5230 B California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136